I am originally from Buffalo, Oklahoma, a small farming town in the far Northwest corner of the state. My family settled there in the 1920's, survived the dust bowl and Great Depression, and still farms there today!

Music was a huge part of growing up as almost everyone in my family sings. My Grandad Ed plays the piano by ear so we all love singing along and listening to him play at family gatherings. Whether singing in church choir, playing the piano, or acting out a play in the living room my parents always encouraged me. They made a lot of sacrifices for me to have the benefit of music lessons beginning in first grade. I was a diligent student, and absolutely loved singing from the very beginning.

I completed my undergraduate and graduate degrees in musical theatre at Oklahoma City University. Throughout my training I had amazing teachers and mentors that helped me realize I could have a great future filled with many opportunities. As fate would have it, I studied voice with the legendary Florence Birdwell. She instilled in me a love of music, and completely transformed me into the lush, soaring soprano she always believed I was. I cannot put into words how much she gave me, and how much she changed my life. Kristin Chenoweth said it best: "Anyone who ever has had the privilege to study with Florence should count themselves very, very lucky."

I first visited NYC during college, and fell in love with its energy instantly. I knew I wanted to take the leap and move to the big apple. If I had it to do over I would probably not have moved to the city with only $500 and three huge suitcases. But somehow I made it work! Musical theatre has given me the opportunity to travel the world, and meet so many amazing friends along the way. I absolutely love what I do!

What makes it even sweeter is that I get to share it all with my husband, Stephen Mitchell Brown.